Criminal proceedings dismissed for lack of corpus delicti

The Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia has dismissed for lack of corpus delicti the criminal case initiated under the RA Criminal Code, Article 309, part 2, with respect to RA police officers acting outside their powers, abusing their authority, using violence against citizen A.M. as well as forcing the latter into giving testimony.

It is to be noted that on February 8, 2014 citizen A.M. reported to the Special Investigation Service of RA that the investigators of one of the regional investigation units of the RA Police had inflicted torture upon him, during which he signed in some records under the influence of battery, violence as well as threats.

The evidence obtained in the criminal case has substantiated that the six officers of the RA Police regional investigation unit did not inflict violence upon citizen A.M. and the latter filed such a report in order to avoid criminal liability. Hence, the Special Investigation Service of RA has initiated a criminal case with respect to the above fact, namely obvious slander committed by A.M. (RA Criminal Code, Article 333, part 2, point 1), and has sent the case, in line with investigative subordination, to another investigative body for the latter to conduct the preliminary investigation, reports the SIS press service.