What hasn’t been said during today’s meeting

“Cooperation for democracy”, NGO head Stepan Danielyan turned to today’s meeting on Facebook.

“What must be said or done during HAK meeting today, which wasn’t said or done?”- he asked and answered.

“For overcoming the distrust toward the parties a united format consisting of parties and political initiatives must be formed, which must be open and transparent decision-making platform.

-It must be said clearly, that the goal is the resigning of Serzh Sargsyan and united steps must be developed in the above mentioned platform.

-It must be announced that over-party experts’ open group is being formed, which will represent exact actions during the next meeting, which must be realized after the political reform.

Without above mentioned actions and methodology we again appear in the situation, when it is not clear who makes decisions and what is the purpose of those decision-makers. Without those steps there can’t be national movement.