Why did Azerbaijanis hack Armenian websites? (video)

Azerbaijanis hacked about 300 Armenian websites overnight. In the morning, visitors of these websites read a false story about the Khojaly massacre.

“The attack does not imply that the domains belong to them [Azerbaijanis]. We can resolve the problem within an hour,” said IT specialist Vardan Papikyan.

There were no traces of hackering in the afternoon which makes Vardan Papikyan conclude that the attack had a demonstrative nature.

“It is a mistake to say that we do not protect Armenian websites, but you should understand one thing. It is likely that the domains were hacked not today, but earlier. They simply wanted to show Azerbaijani government that they had hacked a number of Armenian sites in a day,” said the expert.

Vardan Papikyan says that in the past, Azerbaijani hackers completely deleted Armenian sites, which is not the case today.

Journalist and blogger Arman Suleymanyan singles out four factors in the fight against hackers: attention, vigilance money and specialists.