Portrait of light in the darkness

“There are not few problems for youth in Armenia especially in art domain,”- says young sculptor Sargis Babayan. The sculptors stress the lack of art studios.

But despite of all the barriers, today Sargis together with his 4 friends presented sculptures exhibition named “Ematsia” in Painters Union. The works of five former graduates of Terlemezyan Fine Arts college have been represented in the exhibition- Argishti Harutyunyan, Gegham Abrahamyan, Sargis Babayan, Ashot Gevorgyan and Gevorg Tadevosyan. As the boys claim, their primary goal was to present the sculptures with their whole charm, “Generally during exhibitions the sculptures are seen under general light and what must be expressed by separate light is not seen.

We decided to arrange such an exhibition, where the light will stress the sculpture itself. Ematsia means emanation, that is the portrait of light point in the darkness,”- tell 10 years sculptor and a participant of the exhibition Gevorg Tadevosyan.