Hague Court threatens Yanukovich (video)

Ukraine’s parliament passed a resolution on Tuesday, according to which escaped president Victor Yanukovich will be sent to Hague International Criminal Court when arrested, where Yanukovich’s trial for “serious crimes” will be held.

In the resolution passed by Ukraine’s parliament, for which the majority of the legislative voted, the connection is made between the failed president Yanukovich and the violence against oppositional protestors exercised by the Police, which resulted in more than 100 victims from Ukraine and other countries.

According to the resolution former wanted Minister of Inner Affairs Vitali Zaharchenko and former Attorney General Viktor Pshonka also must be sent to Hague Court.

Hague International Criminal Court informs that the present authorities of Ukraine haven’t applied yet for investigation of Yanukovich and others.

Earlier Ukraine’s Parliament postponed national union’s plans for new government formation until Thursday. This was announced by parliament’s speaker and president replacement Alexander Turchinov.

On Tuesday, EU’s Foreign and Security Policy commissioner Catherine Ashton promised Ukraine’s new authorities, that the international public will support the country also in overcoming economical crisis.

Commissioner Ashton asked Russia “let Ukraine move forward as it suits that country.”

EU’s Foreign and Security Policy commissioner stressed the importance of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, signaling Moscow for unacceptability of unilateral intervention.

U.S. Deputy Foreign Minister William Burns will arrive in Ukraine on Tuesday, which will meet country’s temporary president Turchinov and the legislators.