Paruyr Hayrikyan on March 1st meeting

Paruyr Hayrikyan expressed his views on Facebook about HAK party’s March 1st meeting.

Yesterday a relative, who is very famous person, said that he won’t participate in March 1st meeting, as (his words) they want to present themselves as a leading political power by manipulating. We know, that March 1st was an expression of Bolshevik- purpose justifies the means logic.

The purpose was the authorities, the means- everything including mass murder of innocent people. There are no Bolsheviks, and who will follow them, who will be their heir and barer. In present day reality since when and whom was it realized? Answer of this question is clearer.

We must do everything to investigate March 1st and punish the sinners, but we mustn’t let the godfathers of March 1st events to use this national tragedy as a means for accomplishments of their Bolshevik purpose to get the power.

March 1st first of all means use of the army against the people. We all know whom to blame for it. We remember 1996. So he must publicly repent and go to retirement home. Otherwise, the forgery and March 1st events will continue in Armenian reality.