Government’s resignation demand: show (video)

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan thinks that the government resignation demand by 4 opposition powers is more like a show than a real project. “These oppositional powers make it mature over and over, but not finally, they say that they don’t have united approaches related to it. First, the opposition doesn’t have enough facts for resignation.

They may not have it for two reasons: they haven’t worked well, haven’t gather facts and the government resignation is not serious for them. That is a process to make a dialogue with the public,”- today in a meeting with the journalists noted ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan.

Her opponent, HHK deputy Sukias Avetisyan added that the government resignation demand has no prospects.

“We see the work of the Government. The RA President and present authorities- the majority, decide for what and when resign. Various conversations don’t influence our decisions in any way,”- he added.

Hranush Kharatyan opposed, that social discrimination is rising, the emigration is increasing, and the country is falling into crisis.

As a RA citizen Sukias Avetisyan also sees problems, but suggests not accusing of the Government.