Mher Sedrakyan: Is the situation bad in Armenia? (video)

The decision of the Ukrainian parliament to oust President Yanukovych greatly elated MP Lyova Khachatryan who who even sang, “I want to leave, but I cannot….”

The MP says Viktor Yanukovych has cheated his people: “He violated the terms. People chose him as president, but in the end he turned out to be using a golden toilet…”

Asked whether Armenians can do the same with their president if the latter turns out to be living in luxury, Mr. Khachatryan said, “Armenians are people, like Ukrainians.”

“The most important is people’s consent,” Republican MP Manvel Grigoryan said commenting on the statement of [former prime minister] Yulia Tymashenko who said after her release from prison that all post-Soviet countries must get rid of their dictators.

Another Republican lawmaker, Mher Sedrakyan, says he was not in Yerevan and did not follow the Ukrainian turmoil, therefore he cannot see any similarity between the events in Armenia and Ukraine. “Is the situation bad in Armenia?” was his reply.

The lawmaker was not surprised the Yanukovych’s party members accused him of the political upheaval in Kiev. “It happens in most cases.”

Republican Vardan Ayvazyan says if the Ukrainian scenario repeats in Armenia, people will look everywhere for Republicans to beat. “People are beaten for their actions. I am not afraid of my actions.”

Wouldn’t it be wise if the Republicans leave the political arena, thereby preventing violence?