Situation heats up in National Assembly (video)

At today’s parliament sitting, Armen Rustamyan, Head of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) faction, referred to the arrogant behavior of some government officials. Commenting on the statement on Justice Minister Hrayr Tovmasyan, who said the four non-coalition forces ‘have taken too much upon themselves’ by submitting a no confidence motion against the government, Mr. Rustamyan said, “This is an unprecedented situation. He [Justice Minister] must not only respect the Constitution, but also protect it. With his words he has insulted all opposition MPs and the National Assembly in general. Then Tovmasyan tried to explain his words saying that he meant their erroneous behavior of the non-coalition forces. But he could have apologized instead. In the same way, we can say “”You are making a mistake, bastard!”

The MPs began laughing. In response, Parliament Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan said, “I do not understand what you are laughing at. Mr. Rustamyan, I’m sorry about the incident. You surprised me with your answer.”