Artashes Geghamyan: Zurabyan made a raunchy step (video)

At today’s parliament sitting Levon Zurabyan, a lawmaker from the Armenian National Congress (HAK), suggested observing a moment of silence in memory of the protesters killed in last week’s clashes in Ukraine.  Zurabyan said in that way “the MPs will show that the Kiev bloodshed is unacceptable and intolerable for us.”

NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan said he did not mind commemorating the victims, including the fallen policemen. Then he urged his fellow colleagues to stand up and pay tribute to the Ukrainian victims.

When the parliament proceeded to its routine, Margarit Yesayan from the Republican Party of Armenia announced that in the same way they could have commemorated the victims in Syria. “There is no need to seek political dividends in the National Assembly,” she said.

In his turn, Artashes Geghamyan, another Republican MP, said Zurabyan had made a raunchy step out of his personal ambitions.