“Summer in February”: start

Today at Moscow Cinema took place the opening ceremony of British films festival. The Chief of “ArmenTel” company Andrey Pyatakhin, British co- ambassador in Yerevan Ymayas Morz, the RA Culture Ministry deputy Minister Nerses Ter-Vardanyan, British Council Armenian department president Arevik Saribekyan and representative of UNICEF Office in Armenia Henriette Ahrens.

The ceremony was followed by the film “Summer in February”. The film is based on Jonathan Smith’s roman about bohemian colony of artists who are in love and loss.

“We are happy to see the interest over the festival. We have tried to present the best samples of British filmmaking industry. The uniqueness of British films festival is that it presents only British films and during the festival it becomes a place, where people not only enjoy good movies, but also think over problems in our society,”- said British Council Armenian department president Arevik Saribekyan.

The 12th festival of British films is dedicated to inclusive and communication problems present in our society. As during the opening ceremony representative of UNICEF Office in Armenia Henriette Ahrens noted, Armenia has made a progress in the creation of an inclusive environment for children with disabilities, though there is much to be done. The steps must be taken so that all the children regardless of their abilities can have an equal opportunity to receive an education and access to community and family services. During the festival within the frames of the UNICEF support, films and social videos will be shown, which refer to disabled children’s problems and their social integration barriers.

During the festival nine films will be shown in Yerevan and regions- “Summer in February”, “In danger”, “Naïve Jim”, “How I live now”, “A voice after loss”, “Selfish giant”, “The four”, “I breath” and “Metro Manila”. In Yerevan the films will be shown from February 22 to March 5 at Moscow and Nairi cinemas. On February 28 the whole day in one of the halls of Cinema Star films of the festival will be shown. On March 5 special program is intended at Nairi Cinema. In Goris, Gavar, Gyumri the films will be shown from March 7-16. Entrance is free. It should be noted that this year the British Films 12th festival is organized by the British Council, British embassy in Yerevan and the UNICEF. The main sponsor of the festival is “ArmenTel” company.