The preparliament will be near Myasnikyan statue on March 1st (video)

Today the members of the preparliament were on Liberty Square. During this weekly gathering the initiative members spoke about the events in Ukraine, Armenia’s internal situation and other issues.

According to the words of the member of the preparliament Varuzhan Avetisyan, fatal times for Armenia are close, “The time for learning from Ukraine is limited, Armenia has to cope with vital problems, which won’t be solved by others.”

In the conversation with “A1+” another member of the preparliament Vardan Hakobyan noted that the works of founding parliament creation are on the process, “Now we are on the process of election committee formation, court of justice is also being formed, which must replace the Court.”

Mr. Hakobyan also noted, that the Preparliament doesn’t have the problem of joining HAK’s meeting on March 1st, “March 1st is the tragedy of all us. We will celebrate that tragedy near Myasnikyan statue.”

After the meeting the members of the Preparliament marched to Sayat-Nova street and then to Kanaker-Zeytun district to continue their campaign at “ArmRusgasard”.