The EU will still support Armenia

The EU will continue supporting Armenia after joining the Customs Union, as the EU regards the decisions of independent states.

Today it has been announced by the head of the EU delegation in Armenia, ambassador Traian Hristea.

The EU-Armenia relation discussions are ongoing in Aghveran: what way did the two sides pass, what difficulties did they have, which are those values to unite these to sides?

Beside Traian Hristea, in the first part of the meeting deputy minister of Economics Garegin Melkonyan shared his views on the EU-Armenia relations.

Though the Association Agreement wasn’t signed with the EU, the deputy minister stresses the importance of cooperation with the EU in economic field.

Being a small country, won’t it be better for Armenia to cooperate with the EU than with the CU, he answered, “Let not worsen the situation, the negotiations aren’t finished yet. It will be discussed with the Customs Union for high tariffs, that there will be exceptions.”

The first training of “EU in Armenia Club” formed with the initiative of EU center in Armenia will last until February 23.