Who ordered deductions (video)

Members of “I am against” initiative gathered in Mashtots Park. There are also more than a dozen of employees of Metro and Railways.

They are discussing struggle means with the workers, and also they prepare letter for Serzh Sargsyan. The letter will be from the employees of Railways.

The workers announced that they are threatened to lose their jobs in the case of fighting against the pension reforms. Here are also 5 employees of Metro who have been dismissed.

They haven’t agreed to give interview saying that they have appealed to the Court and they will only stance after the Court’s decision.

During the action the member of “I am against” initiative Artashes Arabajyan stated, that they get many letters from employees of different organizations, he read one of them, where an unanimous employee writes, that his employer had a phone call at night and he was told to do deductions: “The employer opposed noting that the the Constitutional Court allows not to de deductions and this answer followed, “In this country the Constitutional Court doesn’t decide, but Serzh Sargsyan decides, he ordered to pass the money.”