Paskevich’s film in Gyumri (video)

On February 25, with the initiative of “Media Center”, Tigran Paskevich’s “Impossible is possible. Prototype search” documentary film’s screening and discussion will take place in Gyumri journalists’ “Asparez” club.

The film focuses on the Soviet Union’s phenomena called “samizdat” (“inqnahrat” in Armenian), the literary and informational layer which was secretly (within narrow scope) printed and spread and was officially qualified as “dangerous” and “anti-Soviet”.

According to Tigran Paskevich Samizdat is very similar to internet’s structure: in both domains, the person himself decides what to read.

The film sums up the history of the samizdat’s creation and its different forms, samizdat publishers’ activities in the Soviet Union. The activities of Armenian dissidents and samizdat authors are also shown in the film.