Who opened fire on protesters on March 1 in Yerevan? The gun hanging from the wall?

Karen Chshmarityan, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) feels pity for Kiev. “This city is more beautiful than Vienna,” he says.

The MP cannot say definitely what is happening in Maidan (Independence Square in Kiev) now but he follows both Russian and foreign reports.  Karen Chshmarityan says he doesn’t like the radical moods of the opposition.

“If you burn the building of the trade unions or the center of the capital city, it does not mean you are fighting against officials,” stressed the Republican MP.

Karen Chshmarityan says the March 2008 events in Yerevan cannot be compared with the bloody clashes in Kiev and rules out future confrontation between the government and opposition in Armenia.

“God forbid that we witness the same scenario in Armenia” said MP Artak Davtyan. “But the question is whether in Yerevan people were shot or not.”

The Republican MP says tension can always lead to clashes, and any gun hanging from the wall can shoot during the confrontation.