Political scientist rules out ‘Ukrainian scenario’ in Armenia (video)

Political scientist Aram Manukyan predicts two possible scenarios in Ukraine after the recent clashes between the anti-government protesters and riot police. President Yanukovych or any of his relatives will retain power thus averting Ukraine’s collapse. But if the opposition comes to power, the separatism will be inevitable.

Although Mr. Manukyan blames the opposition, specifically extreme nationalists, for perpetrating the bloodshed he says the country’s authorities bear full responsibility for the stand-off.

In recent years, Ukraine has appeared on the brink of collapse because of the authorities’ short-sighted policy. The authorities failed to curb corruption.

“Yanukovych is unable to make adequate decision at critical moments. On the other hand, he yields to the pressure of the West,” Aram Manukyan said adding that the West is pressurizing Ukraine with sanctions.

While the expert excludes repetition of the Ukrainian scenario in Armenia he says the best lesson that Armenia should learn from the Kiev clashes is that we cannot allow foreign interference in our internal affairs. “In that case you become dependent of them,” he said.