Yanukovych announces ‘peace deal:’ Snap elections possible in Ukraine

Ukraine’s president says he has reached a deal with the opposition to end the crisis, after all-night talks mediated by EU foreign ministers, BBC reports.

Viktor Yanukovych’s website said the deal would be signed later, but the opposition has not confirmed the claim. Though no details are given, it is believed that Yanukovych will agree to early elections.

Protesters and police are still locked in a stand-off in Kiev, a day after dozens were killed in violent clashes.

By early Friday morning, the lone positive point was that — for the time being — Ukraine’s cycle of political and physical infighting was not then at its bloodiest point, as it had been hours earlier.

Opposition medics said that 100 protesters died Thursday in clashes with police, when gunfire was unleashed.

The government places the toll much lower. The health ministry puts the total death toll since Tuesday at 77. Another 577 people have been injured; 369 of those were hospitalized, the ministry said.

On Thursday, EU foreign ministers said in a statement that sanctions would be put on some officials over the violence.

The snap presidential and parliamentary elections are one of the key demands by Maidan activists and opposition leaders.

Currently, the presidential poll is scheduled for next year.