The bus refuses to serve the village

For already 10 days the residents of Ararat region’s Norabac community are deprived of transport means. They alarm that intercity 54 bus refuses to serve the community. According to the residents, the bus drivers refuse to enter the village because of destroyed roads. The residents of the village tell that the administration is concerned about the problem but it does nothing.

According to the head of the community Galust Galstyan the bus will start to work in an hour. In the conversation with “A1+” Galstyan noted, that several hours ago he tried to solve the problem with the route number 54 service buses. “Shortly before they have been discussing the transport issue, they promised to enter our village.”

He also informed that the roads were partly filled and the drivers agreed to continue the route only in the case of improved roads. For the clarification of the problem “A1+” sent written inquiry to Yerevan municipality. Corresponding structure promised to answer the question during 5 days.