“After the language loss they will lose the power”. Aravot

“Aravot” spoke with the linguist David Gyurjinyan about the maintenance and evaluation of the language. He thinks that on Language Day on February 21, not various certificates and diplomas must be awarded but the question of language maintenance’s right must be raised.

Foreign language films are shown on media every day, which according to the linguist bears a threat for language loss. “The intellectual show is broadcast in Russian by state support and the authorities take part in it and even deputies and they speak in foreign language. They explain that Armenian can’t satisfy this show. It is funny.

Armenian can express the nuances of scientific concepts, it has expressed until now, and suddenly some people with Russian education, who don’t master Armenian, say such things. It is a question of language protection, which we must do, it isn’t foreigner’s guilt, we do this in our home,”- says David Gyurjinyan.