“If you get angry, you are wrong”, A. Rustamyan to Serzh Sargsyan (video) (video)

The works of the NA four non-governmental powers for expressing distrust to the Government are continuing, there is still no solution. Today the head of Dashnaktsutyun party Armen Rustamyan told the journalists after one hour discussions at the NA by adding, “At this session this question isn’t ready, we work on the project’s plot and strategy.”

Another question for discussion among four non-governmental powers was the participation in Gas issue new temporary committee creation, “We have suggestions and changes in general, which we will present to the head of the NA Hovik Abrahamyan’s discussion.”

What refers to the thoughts of Serzh Sargsyan on the gas and mandatory funded pension system at the YVU congress, during which he apparently got angry, Armen Rustamyan noted, “Cesar, if you get angry, you are wrong, Serzh Sargsyan felt that he was getting angry and said, no, I am not getting angry, I just want to pass my emotions to you. I saw more anger. It already means that our situation isn’t good, and our president is in that anger. I think that Serzh Sargsyan is in confusion because of so called specialists, he himself is not obliged to know all professional nuances and estimate like a specialist. It means he believes in his advisors, whom we see here in the NA. Let them come and speak with us and give right answers. The advisors come here, fail when asked 25-30 questions and answer only 15-20% of them. The head of the country must listen to two sides and be a judge, he must recover his role of arbiter, and not to be for.”