The HAK will come up with new initiative (video) (video)

The HAK party intends to circulate the question of the creation of the project “Temporary committee on March 1 issues” at the upcoming session of the NA. Today at the NA, the head of the HAK party Levon Zurabyan noted in his speech with journalists.

He said that all the four non-governmental powers of the NA were informed about it and all of them agreed. He also noted that they will organize signatures for the discussion of their project, “We are claimants on 2008 March 1 issue. Now see what happens in Ukraine, the use of lethal force on the protestors by the authorities is a crime, and it must be studied and all the guilty must be punished. The mission of our committee is just that.”

Mr. Zurabyan stressed that before the March 1 meeting in Liberty Square they want to inform both our and international public that they are claimants for investigation of 10 murders, “We will do everything to exclude the use of lethal force on the RA protestors and people by the authorities.”

We put this question. The majority of NA can refuse as they did last time, first they promised that they would accept, but they lied. We will be consistent and will succeed. If they refuse, they will show once more, that they are responsible for covering those murders. Who refuses this suggestion he takes the responsibility of covering those murders.”