“The situation in Kiev not compared with March 1” (video) (video)

The member of reunited AAM department Hovhannes Igityan has difficulty to compare the situation in Ukraine with March 1 events of 2008 in Armenia. The events developed in Ukraine when the president Yanukovich announced about joining the CU.

“The situation is very specific. There is a general complaint to the authorities. Many problems come from the image of Ukrainian president Yanukovich. What is expected? In all the cases one day the authorities’ logic must work,”- said Hovhannes Igityan.

He thinks that there will be a change in Ukraine’s Constitution. There is legal base to turn back to the Constitution of 2004, when the National Assembly had more powers.

Another speaker of the debate, the head of the NA Foreign Affairs Commission , Republican Artak Zakaryan is sure, that it is because of the wrong policy of EU Eastern Partnership, that there is such situation in Ukraine, when a number of interests were ignored, and the country was divided into two- Western and Eastern barricades. He is sure that in the near future the situation in Ukraine will change.

“Last political developments between the government and the opposition give hope, that future developments will be peaceful and there will be no riots in streets any more or they will be controlled,”- noted Artak Zakaryan.

Hovhannes Igityan didn’t agree that the situation in Ukraine is because of the wrong policy of the EU Eastern partnership.