Construction kills Yerevan: ecologist (video)

The urban development of Yerevan proceeded in such way during the independence years, that the ecological risks and seismic risks have raised, and increased the loss of cultural values. Today announced the head of Environmental Commission adjacent to Yerevan municipality, ecologist Karine Danielyan.

According to her, they worked on it for many years, but they didn’t reach any serious results.

Though recently a concept connected with Yerevan centre construction has been developed with the participation of the Urban Development Ministry.

Mrs. Danielyan notes, that new buildings mustn’t be constructed in Yerevan and allocations mustn’t be done, until adoption of the law. Though now the Ministry of Urban Development decided that constructions can be carried out only with the ministry agreement.

“News is good, but can the Ministry of Urban Development or the Ministry of Culture really influence?, so that the Closed market won’t become City. It is an issue where public participation must be great,”- notes Karine Danielyan.

She regrets to say that today there is a real war in Yerevan centers’ yards, bringing example the construction of Sayat-Nova 10 building’s yard.

“In all the world people try to enlarge yards and green areas, to lead healthy lifestyle, but we do the opposite, we build as many high storey buildings as possible. The construction simply kills Yerevan.”

Mrs. Danielyan reminds the state bodies, that from 1984 to 2011 the 60% of greening was lost because of urban development, hard care, lack of water, tree cutting, energy crisis.

Yerevan is included in Local Environmental Initiatives international network of cities. According to Karine Danielyan, it may have positive influence on us, and the positive experience of other countries can be realized also here.