Public inquiry to RA authorities

Every spring is a new phase of hope and expectations for homeless families. Yes, with the warm weather the homeless families, who released from fuel problems, lived for a quarter of a century in contemporary buildings, again hope to have their own flats.

Dear Mr. President, Prime Minister and other ministers

Still a year ago 430 flats must be built for 4000 homeless families in Gyumri according to your promises. But as we know, last year flat construction didn’t start.

Let agree that “the bitter truth is preferable than sweet lies.” And finally, after the earthquake of 1988, most of the homeless families would organize the construction of stone buildings by their own means if they weren’t given fake promises that after “two years”, “five years”, “three years” new flats would be built and given to them.

Dear Mr. President, Prime Minister and other ministers

We apply to you expecting for us and hundred homeless families, the publication of true data, when the construction of flats in Gyumri will restart and be operated.

“Shirak Centre” NGO chairman Vahan Tumasyan


February 20, 2014