Care provision clarified

In the decision of the RA December 7, 2006 on “The elderly and disabled citizens care provision and the refusal of care provision to the elderly and disabled citizens based on the list of diseases” has been made a change, according to which referrals to social protection institutions (nursing home) will be exercised by social service agencies (<< Paros>>).

Those citizens, who want to live in state care institutions (Nork, Number 1, Gyumri and Vardenis neuropsychological nursing homes), may apply to their regional social service, where their needs will be estimated and if corresponding to the standards of living in nursing homes, they will be referred to care institutions.

According to the January 14, 2014 sanction of RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the admission in nursing homes, social service provision and deduction (including temporary deduction) procedure has been regulated and clarified.