Minister: I did not know that 80% of population is against pension reform (video)

Armenia’s Minister of Economy, Vahran Avanesyan, is not concerned about the opposition’s no-confidence motion against the government.

“They have exercised their constitutional right,” said the minister.

Then the minister commented on his statement that after the accession to the Customs Union, Armenia will experience 1.4 percent rise in prices, while Serzh Sargsyan announced recently that there will not be any price hike.

“We already have a price rise within 5 percent in Armenia. If I am not mistaken the president ruled out an exponential increase in prices,” he said.

With regard to Serzh Sargsyan’s statement that 80 percent of the population is against the funded pension system, the Minister said President Sargsyan presented the problem in detail. “I believe that these reforms have a long path to pass, and there will be numerous attempts to present them in a bad light. Surely, there will be opponents but I did not know that the dissatisfied make 80 percent of the population,” said the minister.