New cabinet can be formed without holding parliamentary elections

A new cabinet can be formed in Armenia without holding parliamentary elections; this is envisaged by the country’s Constitution,  says Armen Rustamyan, a senior representative of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun.

Mr. Rustamyan says he does not mean a cabinet which is formed by opposition representatives, but a cabinet which takes into consideration the opinion of the country’s opposition.

The Dashnak MP is glad to see that the opposition forces have united to submit a motion of no confidence against the government led by Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan. He believes that the move will instill hope in people and prevent them from leaving the country. “We have not witnessed similar consolidation for a long time.”

Ruben Hakobyan, head of the Heritage faction in parliament, says the new government had better be formed after the parliamentary elections. “Heritage seeks to change all the three branches of the power – legislative, judicial and executive.”

The Heritage MP says the government has ignored the National Assembly’s opinion on new gas tariffs. Similarly, they ignore the decision of the Constitutional Court on the controversial pension law. Therefore, the opposition should not only call for the government’s resignation. “We should change all the three branches,” he said.