Raffi and Hayrikyan sang, the epic specialist shot (video) (video)

During the 2013 February 18 presidential elections Raffi Hovhannisyan was the hope of all Armenians, he was expected to be the first opposition candidate to take power by elections.

After the elections, Raffi Hovhannisyan shook the defeated candidate Serzh Sargsyan’s hand and remained opposition. On the inauguration day, he went to Tsitsernakaberd with the Police Chief to pray.

On the elections day the next non-governmental candidate with most voices was the NA HAK member Hrant Bagratyan, he put forward his candidacy for HAK, which leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan decided not to put his candidacy.

After the elections, Hrant Bagratyan announced to be proud of his 30 thousands voices. Paruyr Hayrikyan was the next opposition taking part in elections, who said that it was his historical moment, he could already sing.

Hayrikyan was shot after 13 days of singing and before 18 days of elections, the Russians were to blame.

The injured Hayrikyan several times announced about postponing the elections and several times refused it. After elections, he only told his electoral not to lose hope. Who tried to let the proud candidate down, according to the blame- another candidate Vardan Sedrakyan. The Masons are,- announced the epic specialist before the elections, “I can even say that Raffi Hovhannisyan and his father are included in that American organization.”

During the campaign Vardan Sedrakyan didn’t meet the electors, instead he visited another candidate on strike Andreas Ghukasyan. Many people visited him.

Last non-governmental candidate was Arman Melikyan. The one who announced that he wouldn’t go to polling station and wouldn’t vote. And after elections he said that his voices were stolen, “11 thousands voices were stolen from me.”

According to CEC data, Arman Melikyan, Vardan Sedrakyan and Andreas Ghukasyan got as many voices as only Paruyr Hayrikyan got. The leader of opposition during those days Raffi Hovhannisyan closed the topic of power change on the way to Tsitsernakaberd- let no one say me go to Baghramyan.