Swamps threaten Sevan (video)

According to the ecologist Gurgen Sukhudyan, the Government’s decision not to improve Sevan’s water levels can cause serious ecological problems.

Today during a meeting with journalists, the former director of Sevan National Park reflected on those problems and the argumentation of government’s decision.

According to the ecologist, in ex-water areas green plants will originate, which will result in swamp creation in the lake.

“The Government approves this decision by saying that there is no water in Ararat valley, and about 8000 economies are deprived of the garden irrigation. It, of course, isn’t reality, it is not because of Sevan that people are deprived of water, officially there are only 500 illegal ditches in Ararart valley, which are used for fisheries,”-noted Sukhudyan.

He also singled out Vorotan’s purchase, by which not only the complex of 6 HPP was sold to the owner, but also the water of 4 water reservoirs totally 860 million cu/m of water. “Those 6 HPPs must work with that water, as we are sure that 168 million cu/m from that water must flow from Spandaryan pond to Kechut and then again to Sevan, won’t be, as in that case, the HPP will lose its power’s 25%.”