The Heritage Party didn’t leave political field, it gained power (video)

Today the head of the “Heritage” political party Raffi Hovhannisyan promised that they will free the country from opposite elements and will return the nation their rights, will free the national institutions from caste chains.

“Election falsifiers will immediately yield, if there are in a situation, where their tricks won’t work any more. Our task is to create such a situation,”- said Hovhannisyan during the meeting now on the process while addressing his national annual message.

The elections of 2013 proved the improbability of government forming in Armenia through elections but at the same time the essential meaning of participation.

“No one pays attention to the complaints of people. The forced acts of the Government increases the number of people leaving the country,”- said Mr. Hovhannisyan.

According to him, in the foreign policy of Armenia vassal interaction prevails. In a night, the works within the EU and Armenia association program were erased in favor of the CU’s unpredictable prospect, where Armenia wasn’t expected with open arms.

Raffi Hovhannisyan said that the country is getting more and more involved in the turmoil of that agreement bringing gas agreement’s example, discovered 300 millions, which is not only a debt but a conspiracy.

The leader of Heritage party reminded, that the official Moscow armed Azerbaijani with modern weapons, and still Armenian Government creates the economic prospects based on pocket interests.

Simultaneously Raffi Hovhannisyan said that when water meets a barrier, it stops, gains power and then flows with more volume overcoming the barrier. “Follow the water’s example,”- said Hovhannisyan indicating that Heritage hasn’t left the political field, but simply gained power.

“Heritage has always been and will be beside public, residents fighting for their rights, our glorious youth and veterans,”- said Raffi Hovhannisyan