How much inflation will be is not clear yet (video)

How much the inflation will be in Armenian market after joining the Customs Union is not clear, the minister of Economics Garegin Melqonyan advises waiting for the end of negotiations.

According to him, there are customs duties, tariffs differences for some products.

“Here we don’t need to take any numbers, artificially start discussing it actively, the negotiations must end and we will have the final results, all of them will be published,”- informed the minister’s deputy.

Reflecting on the announcement of minister of Economics Vahram Avanesyan, as if the inflation will be 1.5%, Melqonyan noted, that the number was formed in such a way; ”We have counted, that how much is the tax rate charged to RA state budget. If we counted taxes charges from the third countries, theoretically, how much money will be charged, the difference of these two numbers makes additional extra money.”

The ministry of Economics has already made a list of products, which customs registration rates will increase after joining the Customs Union, though there will be products, which will be exceptions. The cars are also among them.

“Those products, which will be included in exception list, after being imported in Armenia as a free circulation, can’t be re-exported to other CU countries. If a product was fixed to be included in the list, and it is low-introduced in order to be re-exported, it must be free of duty,”-made it clear the deputy minister.

There is an agreement to arrange a business meeting with non-tariff regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission professionals in Yerevan, where the questions raised during working staff activities and other planned activities will be discussed.