Punishment in freedom

The session of interagency working group, which was created for establishment of the strategy for alternative punishments in the RA took place headed by National Security Council Secretary Arthur Baghdasaryan.

In the session “The Probation Service introduction in Armenia” concept project was discussed. It was noted that the international experience of alternative punishments was studied, particularly that of the EU countries taking into consideration the social-economic development of those countries during the recent years.

It was decided to approve the concept project and to present it for approval at the next session of Security Council.

In his speech Arthur Baghdasaryan noted, “Today we approved a document, which will soon be discussed in the national Security Council. The foundation of probation service in Armenia has important public and social role. I am sure that with the foundation of probation system there will be new approaches towards judicial issues in Armenia. It will give opportunity to set free people from correctional institutions imprisoned for minor misdemeanors, it will give opportunity not to sentence people for less dangerous public acts, to be punished in freedom under the strict administrative control as it is done in civil countries.”

During the session, other issues connected with the probation system introduction were discussed.