Many people want to have a doll with their face (video) (video)

It turns out, that there are many people who want to have dolls with their face.

Designer Mariam Aghajanyan has made more than 100 such dolls during the last 6 years. The first doll was made as a joke-present and after that the orders started. The clients appeared when Mariam showed her works on Facebook, “It was getting more and more like a snowball, and now I have many orders, I get many responses.”

People of different ages order dolls, and by the way, not only women, “I have many orders, three of which are among 35-40 age groups. It was a surprise also for me, as I thought that only the youth is interested in it, but imagine that the elders are also interested,”-says Mariam.

The dolls’ prices are different dependent on the size. Now Mariam generally makes dolls of middle sizes, which cost 15 000 drams.

More in the video.