Why do you mortgage our country?

Artashes Avetisyan, founding head of the KAMQ (Will) civil movement, today referred to Serzh Sargsyan’s recent statement in which he said, “If some provocateurs do not delude the workers of “Nairit” factory, most likely we shall start the construction of the new plant this year.”

Artashes Avetisyan has several questions to address Serzh Sargsyan.

“How can you ground for the accumulated wage arrears for 15 months?

How can you explain the fact that since 2010 workers have not received any official information on this matter?

How can you explain the fact that the factory administration has breached the Labour Code?

How can we explain the fact that 40 percent of the Shanxi-Nairit factory, which was opened in China in 2010, belongs to Armenia?

As of 2013, the plant reportedly produced $40 million worth of products, which means $ 16 mln went to Armenia. The sum was enough to cover the unpaid wages. So why do you mortgage our country under false pretence?