Opinion: Middle class has equaled to zero (video)

February 17 marks Random Acts of Kindness Day. On this occasion, A1+ tried to find out whether our fellow citizens remember their last act of kindness.

Ani Amirkhanyan said she could not remember the day. She says people should do good things every day.  “One must help all those who need their help,” she said.

Saleswoman Susanna says she performs acts of kindness every day. “Many come and ask to lower the price of goods by 10-20 drams and I do it. But no one will sell goods cheaper in shops and stores,” she said. Mrs. Susanna believes that kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.

Another citizen, Hrachik Khachikyan said he will never forget what his nephew did for him. “I am not a wealthy man but I am very kind. My nephew gave me salary for one year.”

Most of our respondents consider themselves to be kind though they admit that we can rarely come across kindness nowadays. They blame it on the grave socio-economic situation in the country. “Middle class has equaled to zero. I feel pity for my compatriots,” said Armenuhi Rushanyan.