Elections often turn into shows

The National Assembly today discussed the Law on NGOs which stirred up heated debates among lawmakers, although the reporter, Artak Davtyan, agreed with the observations in the long run.

The lawmakers agreed that in the newly independent country, there are youth associations which have done more work than the organizations which have been operating for at least 50 years.

“There is the Union of Journalists that does nothing but supporting the president. On the other hand, we have Investigative Journalists NGO which is changing the lives of thousands of people with its job,” said MP Alexander Arzumanyan.

The Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs, Elinar Vardanyan, stressed that NGO chairs often stay in office for lifetime.

“Elections often turn into an imitated show,” she said.

Alexander Arzumanyan spoke against the proposal that organizations operating for at least 50 years continue their operations.