I Am Against Initiative to resort to tougher measures of struggle (video)

I am Against Initiative is developing new methods of struggle.

Speaking about their further steps, Arman Avetisyan, a member of the pressure group, said they are going to hold strikes, mass demonstrations and marches. “Each company will determine the way of its struggle to restore the rights of our citizens. Any action depends on the attitude, desire and fighting spirit of our citizens,” he said.

The initiative is also concerned about the fate of the Metro employees who were dismissed earlier this month after expressing their support for the group. “We shall try to find jobs for these people and make everyone encourage and support them,” said Artashes Arabajyan, another member of the initiative.

“The struggle will get fresh momentum; we shall struggle until we win. The mandatory funded pension law poses a threat to Armenia’s future. We cannot allow our officials to transfer funds from Armenia,” said Hayk Avetisyan. He added that Armenia’s economy does not have the resources to pay back the deducted money in 20-30 times’ period.

“We shall struggle till the final victory. There is no way to retreat,” he concluded.