Some citizens and social groups were against Yerevan screening of Nymphomaniac (video)

The latest movie of prominent Danish director Lars Von Trier, Nymphomaniac, which was to be premiered in Yerevan earlier this month, is one of the hits of the Berlin Film Festival, says film critic Zaven Boyajyan. He is surprised that Cinema Star cinema in Yerevan refused to screen the film.

“The cinema administration presented the film as a porno-drama. I understand their tactic which was aimed at attracting more spectators, especially those who are covetous. Then realizing that the term ‘porno-drama’ was inappropriate they sobered up and were ordered to cancel the screening,” said the expert.

Later on the cinema administration said the show had been cancelled due to numerous complaints by some citizens and social groups.

“In an interview with Russian media a senior representative of the cinema said Armenian audience was not yet ready for such a film,” added Mr. Boyajyan. “I am against banning screenings of films under false motivations. I do not like it when some people decide for you what you should watch, read or hear.”

Blogger Tigran Kocharyan partly agrees with the expert.  “I think Cinema Star simply incited people by scheduling the show on the day of T’rndez, therby making religious Armenians to protest against the screening. This stirred up a roar. The ultimate goal was to inform everyone about the existence of the cinema,” he said.

Director Edgar Baghdasaryan added for his part that Nymphomaniac should have been shown in Armenia for people to understand the difference between art and pornography.