Why do not require the president’s resignation (video)

The NA PAP deputy Naira Zohrabyan sees dangerous tendency in Serzh Sargsyan’s yesterday announcement.

Serzh Sargsyan noted in the Urban Ministry that some TV companies, printed newspapers, websites, four parliamentarian parties, unions, many extra-parliamentarian parties, politicians, who are mostly offended of the government, from morning till night are throwing mud and blackening both the events taking place in the country and the government work.

According to Naira Zohrabyan’s words, the country today stands in front of the serious problem which requires possibly large union. According to deputies, the PAP brings only facts and presents only the reality. “I regret to say that the reality is so that we can’t define it by positive adjectives.”

Turning to the mandatory funded pension system, the latter noted that on conditions of global distrust in the government the implementation of mandatory component isn’t permissible: “We stay on our point of view that the implementation of the mandatory is causing and will cause public tension. This kind of reform can be exercised by the government which had confidence and didn’t fail his former promises and projects.”

According to Naira Zohrabyan’s words, this government has no moral and professional rights to do such reform by depriving the citizens of the RA from a part of their income for unclear, unaddressed, unpromising future.

Why only the question of Prime Minister’s resignation is raised but not that of Serzh Sargsyan, Mrs. Zohrabyan answered: “There is no question, which can not be discussed, including this question. There is no official in the RA who can think that he has got his office which is inherently inclined to him,”- she summed up.