Were speaking about love

“On the base of everything you see is love, and after that our eternal genetics, which is not connected with any other circumstances,”- says Director of the National Center of Aesthetics Levon Igityan.

According to him, we must not exist by history logic: “But as you see, we not only exist but you see the result of this fantastic genetics. We are among those nations, which can say without fear that we have our special place in the universal culture and it has been justified long time ago.” He said these words during the youth holiday fair in the Centre of National Aesthetics on occasion of St. Sargis feast.

Ararat Patriarchal Diocese Navasard Archbishop Kchoyan and the RA Prime minister Tigran Sargsyan were also present. The Prime minister came with his wife and two sons.

“Let the love be inseparable of us,”-said the Prime minister.

After the official ceremony, the Prime minister walked in the exhibition hall getting acquainted with children and their paintings.