Tovmasyan about YVU

Former first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia Ruben Tovmasyan was also among the invitees of the 10th congress of YVU.

In the conversation with “A1+”, he noted that he has been beside land defenders and will always be. He assured that he was present at all their congresses.

What is connected with the fact that the YVU struggled for independent Armenia and the NKR, which may have contributed to the decline of the USSR and was against communist regime, Tovmasyan said: “I want to say that the Soviet Union didn’t decline, if it declined, it would be in 1941-45, when Nazism was already under Moscow. The Soviet Union dissolved because of betrayal of Gorbachev and Yeltsin, here the YVU had no guilt, they were defenders of Soviet Armenia.”

He was also asked whether he finds it right that today the YVU interferes in politics: “People who fight for the country, people’s freedom, for the security of future, can’t stay far from politics. They can’t let the politics do whatever they want with the country.”

As for his activities Ruben Tovmasyan said that now he is having rest, but it doesn’t mean, that he left politics: “I am a communist of central committee.”

He noted that in the near future until April, the CPA congress is expected, where the final staff and authorities of the central committee will be formed.