S. Sargsyan: “I will tell only one thing” (video) (video)

In his speech at the YVU congress Serzh Sargsyan put the stress on the provocations and anti-Armenian policy of Azerbaijani.

According to him in Azerbaijani the anti-Armenian policy is synonym to patriotism: “January, February in Azerbaijani are overloaded by dark days, how it happened is another question, but generally they blame Armenians but not themselves. The last failed diversion attempt by them was on January 20. I will say only one thing about it- Azerbaijani is successful to simulate the facts of that day for its people.”

Addressing YVU members, he noted that his argument is they and all those Armenians, who are ready today to carry arms and keep the border: “I can say that we won’t need it due to that readiness.”

He also noted, that the new generation sometimes keeps the border better and realizes better the idea of joining the army than former soldiers: “The calls that new generation is degenerated and not ready are just conversations and the life proves the opposite. You must be cold and the first to preach patriotism, in the near future we won’t be left in peace.”

Serzh Sargsyan noted that the Azerbaijani propaganda often announces that Armenia is weak as it doesn’t hide its loses: “It seems to Azerbaijani, that if we freely speak about our problems, it means we are weak. They can not understand it, as they don’t have those values. Just for it we won and it is the evident truth. Azerbaijani fell into his own campaign’s trap. When a new minister of defense was appointed, he announced after one week that soon he will drink tea in Stepanakert, but no one was going to offer him tea. Non objective estimate hasn’t done any good. We have free Armenia and Artsakh.”

Using the opportunity, Serzh Sargsyan decided to speak about the pension reforms and the mandatory funded pension system, indicating: “These reforms are intended to provide well-being for new generation and tie it to its homeland. It assumes hope for future and ambition to build the future beside fellows.”

He turned also to the problems of veterans complaining on their social status by announcing: “We know who and where the blood was split, we know well the value of their word and their ability to act. We don’t want anybody to be offended of our country. We won’t deviate from our path, the citizens must feel better in their country than in any other place. It is the guarantee of proud homeland.”