M. Grigoryan: “No one will give” (video) (video)

At the opening of the 10th congress of the YVU, the YVU chairman Manvel Grigoryan indicated that it is serious festive day: “There are many things that the whole world wants, but no one will give”.

Then YVU congress participants kept one minute of silence in honor of Artsakh war veterans and Commander Vazgen Sargsyan.

Manvel Grigoryan called to welcome Serzh Sargsyan present in the hall: “We believe in you and trust you, you don’t spare efforts and energy to build powerful and protected country. It is the dream of land defenders.”

According to him, not only the obtaining is important, but also preserving what we have: “If we don’t want the war to start again, we must have strong army. We must join and be united to make Turkey recognize Genocide, we must join to keep Artsakh’s peace.”