Syrian-Armenians avoid taxes (video)

A trade expo opened at the Ministry of Diaspora on Friday on the occasion of the Day of St. Sarkis, the patron saint of the youth and the mediator of love for young people. Among the showcased items were also works made by Syrian-Armenians.  Those included silverware, jewelry, toys, fabrics, etc. They were going to sell the items during the day as they did not want to go home empty-handed.

Syrian-Armenians think that Armenians should celebrate the Day of St. Sarkis instead of St. Valentine. They advise Armenians to stand close to their cultural roots.

It is already two years Mayda Poshkezenyan has been earning money by selling the cookies she has baked. She intends to set up a business in Armenia but is concerned about the high taxes.

“If you register your business in the field of taxation, you will have to pay high taxes. You will have little profit and great expenses, therefore we are very cautious and avoid taxes,” she said.