Republican activists have no connection with Feb 12 incident?

Speaking about the February 12 incident in Yerevan, Republican MP Artak Davtyan advised not focusing on the young members of his party.

“I think young activists of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) are also involved in similar incidents. Let’s not avoid assessments. The relevant bodies are dealing with the incident,” he said.

On February 12, ten opposition activists were detained by police officers while handing out flyers in downtown Yerevan informing about the opposition’s March 1 rally. Two of the plainclothes officers who prevented the group from disseminating the leaflets were reportedly members of the Republican Party. The opposition activists were then taken into custody on suspicion of hooliganism.

The Republican MP did not urge his party members to behave properly, rather, he justified them saying, “I am not sure that everything happened the way as it is presented.”