Levon Zurabyan: Our ultimate goal is to unseat Serzh Sargsyan (video)

It does not matter who will head the government, it is important that the prime minister be able to change the situation in the country, said Tigran Urikhanyan, a senior member of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK),

“BHK does not seek to nominate a candidate for the position but we believe that the Cabinet should be changed. The resignation of the prime minister suggests that the Cabinet should be dissolved, and in this case, we are speaking about the impact of a counterforce in the person of BHK,” said Mr. Urikhanyan.

“The opposition needn’t call for the government’s resignation. The next government will also be composed of Republican members as we are a political majority,” says Galust Sahakyan, head of the Republican Party parliamentary group.

“Let the opposition be so kind as to say which of them will become prime minister,” he added. “It will not help the opposition either as the prime minister will be forced to cooperate with all forces.”

Levon Zurabyan, a member of the opposition National Armenian Congress (HAK), says that the change of the premier and Cabinet will hardly solve all the issues in the country but it is a must today. “If we are able to change the Cabinet members we shall create the basis for a process in which Republicans do not always have the final word.”

The opposition MP says their ultimate goal is to unseat Serzh Sargsyan.