Criminal case initiated over hooliganism committed by group of people

A criminal case has been initiated under the RA Criminal Code, Article 258, part 3, point 1, based on the materials prepared by the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia on the basis of citizen E.H.’s and citizen A.S.’s reports.

According to citizen E.H.’s report, on January 11, 2014, at around 23:30, four young men unknown to him groundlessly argued with him over the car crash that had occurred on the road and beat him.

In his turn, A.S. reported on the same day that three of his friends and he had been beaten by E.H. as well as the acquaintances of the latter.
The prepared materials have revealed that people implementing special public service too were involved in the above-mentioned fight and argument accompanied with violation of public order.
Preliminary investigation is being conducted., SIS Press Service reports.