Three employees of Yerevan Metro fired

Three employees of Yerevan Metro have been fired over the recent rallies against the pension reform, I Am Against pressure group reports.

This is a vivid manifestation of pressure on the employees who raise their voice of protest in defense of their violated rights, says the initiative group.

“The initiative stands on the side of these workers and finds the dismissal to be another attempt to silence and threaten the angered employees who are trying to restore their violated rights through protest actions. We urge all concerned citizens, specifically lawyers, to show their support and file lawsuits to defend the interests of these citizens. We also suggest raising funds to assist these people. At the same time, we urge employers to provide these people with job for them to be able to feed their families,” the initiative said in a release.

On Wednesday, employees of Yerevan metro joined the ranks of demonstrators rallying against the controversial pension reform that envisages up to 10% deductions from monthly wages which will be transferred to the mandatory funded system.

A1+ has contacted the press service of Yerevan metro to know the reasons behind dismissal. Ninel Vardanyan, Spokesperson for Yerevan underground metro system, said every day they fire and recruit employees and the dismissal of the three workers has nothing to do with the protest rallies against the mandatory pension reform.