Cases of influenza-virus-associated pneumonia increased in Armenia

Acute respiratory infections have activated in Armenia, Liana Torosyan, a senior expert of the epidemiology department at the Healthcare Ministry, told A1+.

The cases of acute respiratory infections and influenza have increased as compared with the previous week and the same period of 2013.

Influenza A virus subtype H3N2 is widespread in Armenia but, as Torosyan said, the virus is not zoonotic (animal-borne). She urges the population not to panic.

“To avoid the spread of the virus people should not resort to self-treatment, but turn for professional medical assistance, use much liquid and observe the general rules of hygiene,” said the expert.

Also, an increase in cases of pneumonia has been observed in the country. “The condition of hospitalized patients is estimated to be of medium gravity, and there is no need to worry,” said the epidemiologist.

The Ministry of Healthcare warns everyone to avoid contacts with infected patients, stay at home, turn to the family doctor, dress warmly, use liquid and frequently air indoor spaces.